How will Vitality Life Insurance fit into my lifestyle?

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In June 2016, Manulife launched the Manulife Vitality Life Insurance – a self-managed incentive program to encourage and reward clients for living a healthy lifestyle.


The Vitality program offers incentives to stay healthy by rewarding the insured with points for healthy activities that accumulate and can reduce their premiums for the next year of the policy.


Some have found that their normal routine will get them more points than they expected. For instance, 10,000 steps in a day will reward you 20 points. Going to the Dentist or getting a Flu shot will gain you 200 points each. Not smoking will reward you with 1000 points per year.


Staying active can reward you with up to 7,500 points every year. A simple 3km walk for charity will get you 250 points. Completing a Triathlon will reward you 500 points.


There are online activities about nutrition and mental health as well as rewards for completing First Aid and CPR training.


When you reach the Platinum level at 10,000 points your premium in the following year will be reduced.


Now, 10,000 points may sound like a lot. But you’ll receive a combined 2,500 points for being a non-smoker and Vitality Health Review when you sign up. If you break the balance down further, that’s less than 200 points per week.


Since the launch of the product, I have been excited about the additional push to start living healthier.


There is a ton of information available about Vitality. However, the question I receive most often from clients interested in Vitality is: How will the Vitality program fit into my lifestyle?


In an effort to get some answers, I have jumped in with both feet.


On April 20th, 2018, I applied for my own Manulife Vitality life insurance policy using Manulife’s electronic application.


I completed the health questionnaire with Anthony from Dynacare over the phone on May 1st.


With the help of Manulife’s accelerated underwriting, I was approved on May 3rd.


On May 7, I logged on to the Vitality website for the first time using my email address and policy number. I completed my Vitality registration, downloaded the app to my phone, completed the VHR (Vitality Health Review), a Physical Activity Review and submitted my order for a FREE Garmin wearable activity tracker (included in the program enrolment).


Because I’m a non-smoker and I completed the VHR within the first 90 days of enrolment I earned 3,250 points and I achieved Bronze status (3,000 points) within my first hour of participation.


Going forward I’ll keep you up-to-date with my progress toward Platinum status and other milestones I achieve. I'm sure it's not always this easy. But so far, the Vitality program has fit seemlessly into my lifestyle.


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